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Speech Therapy, Audiology and Occupational Therapy

Welcome to the Word Shop

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Who We Are

The Word Shop is a home based, interdisciplinary practice in Tokai. It sports 3 spacious therapy rooms which are occupied by our Speech and Occupational therapists, who are passionate about Early Intervention.

The Word Shop


We offer a range of products aimed at supporting speech therapy programs. They are wonderful activity packs that can be used as a resource for home practice and facilitate the generalisation of speech sounds


  • When my son turned five years of age, we were blessed with the opportunity to meet Tania Botoulas, a speech therapist based in Tokai. No words can describe Tania’s support, encouragement, belief in our son and constant upliftment. Tania taught him to speak using hearing aids and later, the cochlear implant. Tania assisted our family in all areas, including relating to technology, learning and how to create an environment which encourages language acquisition. Tania is still our anchor (and our dear friend) and continues to work with us daily to optimize the effectiveness of the cochlear implant Carol Mestern has been responsible for our son’s auditory training. Carol has years of experience of working with children with a hearing impairment. Tania and Carol’s hearts of gold, patience, wisdom, astuteness and encouragement make the process more enjoyable. Together, Tania and Carol make a formidable team! As a parent, they keep me in the loop at all times. Our son’s progress is constantly assessed and new goals come into operation every week.

  • My son and I want to thank you so much for all the knowledge, care and love you shared with him during his time spent with you! You are an incredible teacher and we will miss you dearly! Take care of yourself until our paths meet again.

  • My daughter responds so well to you, she is very excited about coming to visit you again. I think you and Romy have helped her become so confident! Thank-you. You have a special talent

  • Just a short note of gratitude... We are so pleased by R.'s progress and left Dr Schlegel's rooms with big smiles!!! His progress is definitely a testimony to the wonderful team he had helping him on this journey and W. and I are so grateful to each and every one of you...The results are AMAZING!!!!

  • I did not get a chance to say good bye and thanks for all your support to A! So just wanted to acknowledge your work and insights into facilitating his progress.

  • I could write 5 pages of thanks to you but am already crying and it would be gushy and probably get boring for you. I hope you realise how much you have done for us. You and Romy really are my daughter’s best friends! Thank you 1000 times! I know that because of your early intervention she will achieve wonderful things. You are part of a small handful of people in her life that see as much greatness in her as we do and for that I can never repay you. Tania I hope you realise that you honestly have made a difference not only in her life but in mine and my husband’s as well. You have been a true friend. You taught us how to help her and you went above and beyond what you needed to do over and over.

  • Hello ladies Just wanted to share O's report with you. Without you two, she would not be the happy little girl she is. She is very positive towards school and is loving learning new things. She comes home in the afternoon with loads of stories about what they are doing in the class. Thank-you for playing such an important role in helping her along the way.

  • Thank you for the receipt and thank you for the investment you made in to our son’s and really our family life! He is doing so well. His imagination is really taking off. He's using more and more prepositions. Sentences are more and more complete. He still struggles with pronunciation of different letters and combo of letters, but he can communicate so well now. I learned a lot from you in regards to parenting too, in how to better communicate with JJ, and in things like using positive reinforcement vs saying no, among other things. Been wanting to thank you for awhile, so thank you!

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